Our civil engineers have fifteen years of experience in civil and structural engineering as well as construction. Our background include seven years of forensic engineering. They have performed over 1000 inspections of wood framed, concrete, masonry and steel framed building structures to identify damages resulting from construction and material defects, leaking pipes, differential foundation settlement, moisture intrusion and excessive structural loading including: snow loads, earthquake, wind, vehicle impact and various other incidents leading to structural damage. 

Structural Building Plans

Repair & Remodel Plans

  • Perform structural calculations for damaged or modified structural elements.
  • Make repair or modification recommendations. 
  • Provide engineered drawings for building permit application.
  • Perform structural calculations for building permit including:  

   Snow Load, Wind Load, Earthquake Load, Truss                        Repairs/Modifications

  • Draft Framing plans to accompany calculations.

Structural Damage Assessment

  • Structural Damage Assessment including:

    Fire, Vehicle Impact, Tree Impact, Earthquake 

  • Assess structural damage and make repair recommendations.
  • Determine cause of structural damage and approximate age of damage.

Roof Evaluation & Design

  • Roof Framing Evaluation/ Reinforcement Design for tile roof installation.
  • Analyze existing roof framing and provide certification for tile roofing installation or make recommendations for roof framing reinforcement necessary for tile roof installation.

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